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It's never too early to start thinking about next year's World Thinking Day.


 Thinking Day FAQs

1. What should we do first?

Choose a country that your troop will represent.  Email your country selection to cwarner@columbus.rr.com ASAP.  Countries are chosen on a first come first served basis using the date/time stamp on the email and once a country has been selected no other troop will be approved for that country.  A good idea is to email 2 or 3 countries in order of preference so that if your first choice has been taken you can get one of your other coices in a timely manner. 

 2.  What country should we chose?

That is up to each troop- although it is recommended to consider countries that the girls might not be as familiar with, especially for the older scouts.  Countries that the troop has direct experience with (either by traveling there, or having a troop member from there) are also good choices.

 3.  We have our country.  Now what?

Each troop can determine how they want to represent their country.  Each troop will create a  display from the country they have chosen, each troop provides their own table.  Ideas are limited only by your imagination.  Troops can teach a craft, game or dance form their country, provide samples of a food popular in the country.  The girls can make displays of photos, artifacts or other information from and about their country.  there are outlets available but avilability and proximity to an outlet is not guaranteed.  Remember to explore not only the traditional aspects of the culture, but also how the people live their daily lives.

 4.  What do the troops need to provide?

Each troop must provide all materials for their booth, including the table.  Each troop should also have an ink stamp in order to stamp participant's passports.

 5.  What happens during the events?

After everyone is welcomed, there will time during which the participants can explore the other booths.  It is recommended that half your troop explores during the first half of the time period while the other half "mans" the booth, then the groups switch for the second half. 

 6.  My girls don't want to exhibit.  Can we still come?

Certainly.  The troop still needs to register.  Keep in mind that if you are only exploring, you will be done sooner than the troops exhibiting.  So plan accordingly if the girls are being dropped off/picked up by their parents.  Parents dropping scouts must ensure they are dropped off TO THE LEADER and not just sent inside the building.  Scouts can attend individually as well, even if the troop does not attend.  Scouts still need to register using the same process as the troop would.  Scouts attending individually must be supervised by a parent at all times.

7.  What if I still have questions?

Contact cwarner@columbus.rr.com

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